pennsicdance: on the goop debate and website update

whirlygig whirlygig at
Wed Sep 7 11:34:33 PDT 2005

I am planning on doing massive updates to all my webpages next week.
I'm looking for off-list suggestions and/or opinions for one change I'm
considering makeing to the Whirlygig site.
I want to offer a section where the dances are broken down by "period" /
"non period'  Then into sub-categories like this:

Section I:
Period dances will be listed using Dels timeline found in his book, broken
down by region.
SCA Creations (like Reunione) will be inserted into the period list, but in
a different font color.
ECD / Playford 1 will be in it's own section, as it is in Dels timeline.
***If someone has a compiled list of dances in Playford 1 that should be
moved to SOoP, and the later Playford's that could be in 1 due to thier
repeated patterns and dance structure, I'd appreciate that breakdown.  I'm
guessing I can't just take it as a given if it has the
slipping/siding/arming structure that it's okay?***

Section II:  Slightly Out of Period  Playford II, III..., and other dances
that occured between 1602 - 1702

Section III:  Grosly Out of Period Dances - Dances from 17th century and

??Section IV: A compiled list of ALL SCA original dances, which while
created out of period made attempts to recreate something in period??

Mostly, I just want to know if these definitions are acceptable to the dance
- since that's 1/2 the target audience for this site :)

Thanks for your time-


PS = Yes, I will correct the error on the site that has black nag listed as
1651 rather then 1665.

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