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> Just an observation on a "Gathering Peascods "...
> If you have a very large circle, it's still possible
> to get all the way 
> around in the time allotted.  The trick is to
> encourage people to go deep into the 
> circle when they step in. 

except i think the instructions say, take a double
into the center, take hands, and take (4? 8?) slips
left. then fall back. a better plan is to have both
dancers in the pair do exactly that, ending up
together. i am sure that nowhere in the instructions
does it say, "run screaming into the center, while
circling to the left trying to look like a reverse
Chinese fire drill, desperately trying to get all the
way around the circle. and ignore the music entirely."

i like the dance, but trying to teach people to DANCE
it as opposed to move around to it is almost futile at
this point. 

sorry, you struck a pet peeve of mine. that dance was
taught at a class at Univ of Atlantia. the class was
basically how to move properly while dancing rather
than do the basic SCA mistakes.

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