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Wed Sep 7 08:06:44 PDT 2005

--- Jane & Mark Waks <waks at> wrote:
> *pales* in seriousness compared to how
>  badly most SCAdians generally do the steps -- 
> the usual gallumphing style used for *all* ECD 

we could all do the Italian dances!!! then you do the
steps, and you can forget about all those pesky, hard
to remember patterns on the floor!

who is Italian. and is sadly forced to practice,
alone, in his driveway while the neighbors consider
calling the nice men with the "i love me" coat and the
padded room

ps. for those of you who do dance at an event where
Master Robyyan is in attendence, please honor him for
me, his humble apprentice, by gallumphing loudly. you
can tell him i said he would like it. 

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