pennsicdance: acceptance of various categories of dances (was Musicians and Venues and GOOP, Oh My!)

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Tue Sep 6 08:30:34 PDT 2005

I apologize for the delay in the posting of this comment, which I sent twice on the 2nd but for an unknown reason did not appear in the list.

> But seriously, before we make or perpetuate any kind of rules against GOOP
> dances, maybe we ought to stop and think whether we have a good dividing 
> line between GOOP and SOOP or SPRAY (Strictly Period, Reconstructed 
> Accurately, Yay!). Can we really tell which is which?

While following this string, I have begun considering another type of dance. 
I don't know how prevalent this practice is in other Kingdoms, but here in 
Meridies we have a few, popular dances that were created by various dance 
masters, some of them Laurels.  Their choreography is in the style of the 
Renaissance, and the music is either a true Renaissance tune or a modern one 
set, again, in the style of the period.  I see no reason why these should be 
prohibited, but am interested in what some of you may think.

Could we call these HOOPs (Historically-patterned-out-of-period dances)?  Or 
perhaps QOOPs (Quasi-out-of-period dances)?

I am familiar with the terms "OOPs" and "GOOPs", but not "SOOPs".  Could 
some kind gentle please help this ignorant person?

Iohann se pipere
Sable, a gyron argent
Ars Longa Vita Brevis
(Art endures, life is brief)

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