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The concept of whether there is an SCA culture to celebrate came up on this list not too long ago.

So I'm passing this on - It's too good not to.

Good luck, fortune, and kindness - especially to any on this list in areas of the south - my thoughts and prayers are with you and all of us as winter approaches.


From: Sarah Rogers <publisher at>
Date: 2005/09/02 Fri PM 08:23:00 EDT
To: rivenstar at
Subject: [Rivenstar] Another note

Greetings from Radu and Broinnfinn, Lord and Lady Heir of Gleann Abhann,

First and foremost, we wish to offer our deepest thanks to the overwhelming offers of aid to ourselves personally, to all of our friends and family affected by this disaster, and to our Principality.

We have been touched to tears by the concerns of mere acquaintances and total strangers. We also offer profound thanks to Their Majesties of Meridies and the Meridian Seneschal for coordinating relief efforts to those members of the SCA in the affected areas.
As has been posted on our behalf, our ability to communicate has been somewhat limited. We can call out by cell, but nobody can call in to us. We have internet access only by invading the houses of others.

We are grateful to the Principality Officers and the members of our personal household who have taken our dropped reins and have been coordinating our concerns. If you do not receive quick responses to our emails, please give us time. Somebody WILL get back with you. We apologize that our situation has prevented us from being the kind of
Kingdom Leaders we wish to be.
We will briefly outline our situation. One block from our home, which we built less than four years ago, a neighbor was rescued by boat from his second story. Our house took on over eight feet of water and is a total loss. Our truck, which was left behind in the evacuation, cannot be seen at all on reconnaissance photos of the area. The house and all of our contents is a complete loss, and we, and our 2-month
old son are homeless. Our places of employment are unable to function for many months. We cannot get home to salvage what little we have left because we have been unable to get gasoline in Jackson, MS.
We tell you this, not to be self-centered, but to put a face on this enormous tragedy. There are thousands of people just like us - they have not only lost their homes, but their entire city and livelihood. We have discovered, through this tragedy, our enormous good fortune.

Our lifelong involvement in the Society has given us a safety net of people that we never truly appreciated until this moment. There are many of those thousands who are far worse off than us. Please remember these souls as well - we meet them at everyplace we go in Jackson. You may not know them, and they may know nothing of us, but we are united in this tragedy. Her Ladyship found herself comforting a sobbing girl in Target as she bought soap because she had lost her home and job, and she had nowhere to turn.
In the light of this devastation, SCA matters seem trivial. But this is far from the case. When all else has been lost, we cling to those things we still have - the slivers of normalcy and a life beyond the loss. Things like Gleann Abhann's First Coronation ARE important.

Because, when all the banners, crown and thrones are 
stripped away, when we stop addressing each other with funny titles, and go past that we dress in funny clothes, what is left is a community of the most generous and caring people that has ever existed. This is a community that deserves to be celebrated and recognized and cherished for the concern and brotherhood that we have shared.

We are in communication (in fact, currently in the house of) the Gleann Abhann Seneschal Master Stephan of Durham. We are determined that Gleann Abhann Coronation WILL occur as soon as we can make alternative arrangements. As Her Ladyship says - we will do it barefoot in our shifts in a parking lot if necessary. We thank those who have assured us it will be more dignified than that!
Please keep tuned in for the final announcement of the Coronation plans. And we hope that the rest of the Known World will still come and join us in both celebration and thanksgiving.
Radu and Broinnfinn
Lord and Lady Heir of Gleann Abhann

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness; 
nothing so gentle as real strength"

 Sarah R. Rogers
 AKA Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma, OP
 Middle Kingdom Chronicler
 chronicler at
 Publisher, The Pennsic Independent
 Editorial Consultant, SCAtoday

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