pennsicdance: Gathering Peascods - Clarification?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at
Fri Sep 2 15:06:27 PDT 2005

Hi.  Henry of Maldon said:

Sounds good to me. That means that nobody is allowed to teach a "clap,
clap, don't clap" version of Gathering Peascods in a very large circle,
right? And no mixer branles except the branle du Chandelier ou de la Torche.

Since I do know that often versions of ECD I was taught originally
aren't necessarily what Playford intended, I just wanted to confirm
what the proper way to dance this dance was interpreted to be? 
Assuming my Playford I really is Playford I, this portion reads:

Met meet and clap hands, We. as much, while the men goe back, men meet
againe and turne S.
We. meet, men meet, while the We. go back, We. meet againe and turne S.

And this is listed as "Round for as many as will"

So based on this (although I haven't read specifics elsewhere on the
true style of ECD in period), I think that the dance is exactly as you
described:  clap, clap, don't clap (or maybe clap as you turn, but I
doubt it),  and in possibly quite a large circle.

Please let me know what the correct interpretation is for the dance.  Thank you.

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