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Tue Aug 30 17:40:19 PDT 2005

Ok - This really *is* my last post- And please forgive the off-topic nature of this post.  Don't respond on-list to this; it's not necessary.

    But it was stated/implied that I'm "stomping my foot" and slinking off to go hide/sulk in a corner somewhere.  That was a bit more directly insultive then it needed to be, and brought to mind unflattering images of grade-school and high-schoolers.  And can not be left unanswered.

Also- to the other challenge:  I did consult the dance staff of Pennsic before trying the midnight experiment.  
I would not have tried something like that without doing so.

   I said that "real-life" matters need the time I've been spending composing, typing, and proof-reading these emails.  I am not kidding about this. :)

What can I say- I like staying active, and in a variety of things.  But it does mean balancing the time I spend on the computer dealing with hobbies and with doing actual work.  The week or so after Pennsic is 'free time' I build into my year, now I need to get cracking on other things.  

As a performer, this is the just *start* of the busy season for me.  So please, don't think I'm off sulking.
Working, yes.  8|
Lurking, yes.  :)
Sulking - I *REALLY* don't have time for that kind of melodramer.

If you're at all interested in what I'm doing these next few months- the missive is below.

If not- go on to the next posting, have a great autumn; and stay warm, safe, and dry this winter!!!  

Keeping fingers and toes crossed about the dance floor project- it sounds like a good thing.  
I'll even donate if you're looking and I'm able! 
I will hopefully see many of you at Crystal Ball, possibly with a new 'Rosaleen Dhu' CD in hand!  



As some of you know, but many don't- along with being in a bardic household that's having a Lauraling this weekend at MKAoD (Cerian Cantwr); being a full-time 40/wk tech-support analyst mundanely; I'm also the lead singer and head of an independent Irish/Traditional singing group named "Rosaleen Dhu"  (website being revamped ASAP)

Last year I came back from Pennsic with a new CD to market, and 3 Renaissance Faires to prep and perform.  This season there is only 1 faire and 1 Dickens festival this season (so far...),  but I still need to do more marketing to move more of the CDs out of my garage.  And get set up for next years gigs.

  Also depending on how things go on his end, I'm hopefully going to be flying out to Vancouver, Canada in January or Feburary to work with Michael Kelley on our first collabarative CD project.  I digress...

The three of us in the current "Rosallen Dhu" trio are taking this downtime to (in no particular order and copied direclty from a recent "administrativa" e-mail to my partners-in crime):
- Get the 2004 CD up on (done!) and contact other on-line and in-store retail places to see what options are. (barely started)
- Work up a new and improved press packet
- Work with on the merchandise people have been asking us for (posters, t-shirts, bags, jewlry, "Rosaleen Dhu" the flame thrower ;)...)
- Work on new material (music and schtick) for the holiday and standard stage shows
- Get our new CD in the works: limited edition (short run!) Traditional Christmas; hopeful release date end of November.
- Spiffy up the WebSite A LOT; add pics, frames, and maybe video of our performances
- Start getting booked out for gigs in the spring and summer
- Depending on CD Sales; Do more work and paperwork about trademarking and getting a TaxID for Rosaleen Dhu.  

I'm also going to to try to get to at least 1 SCA event a month to cross paths with my household; share bardic music; and dancing as I'm able (winter tweaks with my arthrytus a lot).  Right now that pretty much depends on the price of gas (seen today @ $2.75/gal YIKES!!!) and plane tickets.

Add in, eating, sleeping, paying bills, and taking care of my apartment (Sadly, I haven't been able to train my cat to cook, do the laundry, and dishes) and learning about bobbin lace- you've got my next 6 months in a nutshell.

And that pretty much covers what I'm doing through February & March when the weather and my ankles/knees warm back up and I can start dancing again  :)

Nah - who's got time for it.  :)

Take care of yourselves and eachother,

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