pennsicdance: Donations for the Pennsic Pile

(John) Byron Boyd lutenist at
Tue Aug 30 10:57:24 PDT 2005

I can't speak for the others, but I deem being allowed to play for the 
dancers a privilege and the greatest expression of gratitude I can receive 
from the dance community (well, as long as we are forced to wait 15 minutes 
while a complicated dance is taught, which fortunately I can only recall 
happening once).  Free copies of the music is not necessary.  I have a good 
idea of how much it costs, both in terms of time and money, to create the 
Piles, of which I receive a new one annually although most of the music is 
the same.  Hence, I  am not surprised that some want to reimburse the fund. 
Also, while it is possible that the dance budget is unlimited, I doubt it.


> Several... have asked me how to make a
> donation for the Pennsic Music Pile.  Live musicians are treasured 
> greatly, and
> free music was the least that we could do as a thank-you.
> But since some of you persisted, I've gotten in touch with the
> Pennsic exchequer, and she's set up to take your donations.

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