pennsicdance: Donations for the Pennsic Pile

lyev at lyev at
Tue Aug 30 10:39:28 PDT 2005

Hi all,
     Several kind musicians (and others) have asked me how to make a 
donation for the Pennsic Music Pile. I've told all of you that we're happy 
to give you the Pile for free. Live musicians are treasured greatly, and 
free music was the least that we could do as a thank-you.
     But since some of you persisted, I've gotten in touch with the 
Pennsic exchequer, and she's set up to take your donations. I'm hesitant 
to post her home address here (since this is a public and archived list), 
but feel free to drop me a line and I'll tell you where you can send a 
check. If you do decide to donate, please get them to her by September 

Thank you so much!

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