pennsicdance: Re: garb

Sauer, Michael F. SauerM at
Tue Aug 30 08:39:48 PDT 2005

>I still am rarely asked to do anything but easy dances by people who don't 
>know me at Pennsic, but I now know enough people (by face if not name) 
>that I can usually find a partner for the dances I most want to do.

That seems about right to me. I know if I see someone I don't know I'm unlikely
to ask them to dance something complex (or even intermediate) as an initial dance.
That all changes if I've seen them do a few dances, or get talking about dance or
if they seem to be the type of a person who 'is a dancer' but just doesn't know that
particular dance. Its a bit easier being the guy here, because there a only a few 
intermediate dances where the lady has to do something first.

I also occasionally get similar reactions, though I mostly blame it on the squire belt :)


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