pennsicdance: final thoughts from the peanut gallery pt1

Nadine Latief nl33 at
Tue Aug 30 07:16:55 PDT 2005

 >For the rest of you:
 >I just really hesitate, and get a bad heavy feeling in my stomach,
 >when ANY small group starts acting like it's going to dictate a policy for a
 >larger group that is not fully represented.

I am starting to feel though, that the people who want to do GOOP 
strongly are starting to be minority at Pennsic...
In general, I saw a lot of new people at the tent, even young 
teenagers came to my advanced/intermediate party which was the only 
one targeted for advanced dancers. The classes in general had high 
attendence, like last year. I see new faces, and I see new faces from 
last pennsics trying out intermediate/advanced stuff as well.

 >I have also heard from people who often dance in the barn, both during and
 >after Pennsic,
 >that they also DO prefer the midnight rule as it has been.
 >My volunteer dance masters/mistresses seem to be split 50/50.
 >Okay.  So taste test (experiment) is now over.
 >"New Coke" is still not better then "Classic Coke"  ;)

I do applaud you bringing up some a sensitive subject at the 
post-mortem, and here.
In the end though, it's what the dance coordinator decides, and 
whether the people running the ball/barn/parties choose to follow her.

 >I also just find it really odd that all this energy and time is going into
 >discussing such a relatively small number of dances that are slowly fading
 >as time is passing without all the fuss and fanfare.

Some people are really passionate about their art. Surely you've 
heard musicians argue over minute details that you couldn't care less 
about? :-) If we didn't care about dancing, we wouldn't post.


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