pennsicdance: confusion over Loud Band's performance and correction to comment

(John) Byron Boyd lutenist at
Mon Aug 29 20:02:21 PDT 2005


>We had been searching for replacement musicians for
> a while for my party, and it was on Monday that we found Mistress Deonna 
> and
> asked her if she could lead musicians, at which point she enthusiastically
> agreed and said that she "would bring friends".  It was a last minute 
> thing.

 I normally see Mistress Deonna only during our morning rehearsals, so my 
absence was not your fault if you asked Mistress Deonna to provide music 
later on Monday, as she would not have been able to locate me to deliver 
your request.

>> As there are many times that the Loud Band does
>> desire percussion....

Many of you have likely realized that I meant to write "does not desire 


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