pennsicdance: OOP dances - thoughts from the peanut gallery pt2

Nadine Latief nl33 at
Mon Aug 29 18:03:29 PDT 2005

 >Again- Let the barn stay as it was this year.  Or draw the midnight line,
 >but let them be danced BEFORE midnight.

That's a bit too extreme. A lot of the dancers leave by midnight.
If the after midnight rule is too extreme on the other side, how 
about compromising on before 10 pm? Then the GOOPs can be done from 8 
to 10 pm, and the people who find them inappropriate can show up 
after 10 pm and dance till midnight.

 >This is a lose-lose argument as long as there are dancers at 
Pennsic that will feel put-out by not being
 >able to dance thier favorites too.  Or that simply chafe at the idea of
 >being told what they can / can not do and where they can/can not do it.

Ah. But the SCA is not a democracy.

 >>From e-mails sent to me privately this past week, this is not the first time
 >this issue has come up for discussion and is not much closer to a
 >resolution.  There is no "winning" here.

No. But we've had the rule for a long time already. If we do change 
it (for the worse, authentically), then let's try not to have the new 
rule make the whole situation  worse over the years.


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