pennsicdance: modern vs. historical instruments and music (wasreplyto comments from Octavio de Flores)

Zukauskas mgpig at
Mon Aug 29 16:46:32 PDT 2005

This sounds a lot like the GOOP dance dilemma - "well, people already know
those dances, so let's keep doing them" becomes "well people already have a
flute, trumpet, etc, so let them play."  The goal, I think,  should  be to
move towards more period instruments.  Modern instruments do not sound the
same, as Iohann pointed out in his examples of modern orchestras recording
early music.  Nowadays, there are many reasonably priced renaissance
instruments available - use of a modern equivalent is just not the same.  I
realize we are not a strict reenactment society, but is that a reason to
just give up and say "anything goes"?


BTW,  My apologies to John White - I inadvertently sent this message only to
you, instead
of the the entire list - I was not trying to pick on you, just continue the
discussion.  Thats what
I get for being in a hurry to post...

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