Alex Clark alexbclark at
Mon Aug 29 12:24:42 PDT 2005

At 12:52 PM 8/29/2005 -0500, Sauer, Michael F. wrote:
>Event: Beginners Ball
>When: 9 PM Sunday Aug 13 2006, Pennsic 35

Good time for a party. That's when we had been having the English Revels. 
OTOH, I was thinking that I might prefer Saturday next year for the English 
Revels -- it's a somewhat specialized theme, not quite as strictly period 
(according to the newfangled idea that we're supposed to define period by 
our governing documents), and besides that, it is easier to go off-site to 
shop for food and drink before Saturday evening.

>Note: I can't do it alone. I'd need a decorator, a refreshments coordinator,

<raises hand in imitation of Hermione Granger>
I'd be happy to coordinate refreshments, assuming that other people 
volunteer to help cook. No, I don't plan to repeat last Pennsic's 
experiment with doing almost all the cooking for a dance party myself. 
Learned my lesson.

>a musicians leader, a couple of callers to help with the teaching . . .

<imitates Hermione again>
May I help with teaching/calling?

Henry of Maldon/Alex Clark 

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