pennsicdance: modern vs. historical instruments and music (was reply to comments from Octavio de Flores)

(John) Byron Boyd lutenist at
Mon Aug 29 11:22:09 PDT 2005

Milady Marie:

Yes, they are - I also have seen these instruments and have heard Celtic 
music at events and tolerate them, although I would rather not, as I said in 
my previous post.  But the intent of my statement is reflected in my comment 
that guests at renfaires are not as likely to have experienced authentic 
Renaissance and Medieval music as SCAdians have, and hence not as likely to 
know the difference.  I perform both at events and at renfaires with the 
hopes of educating people as well as entertaining them.


> These things are also found at SCA events, inclusing Pennsic...
> Marie
>>  I am also
>> irritated at the common appearance of guitars, bodhrans, and Great =
>> Highland=20
>> bagpipes at Renaissance Faires, at which Celtic music (a modern style) =
>> is=20
>> often performed and perhaps even described as Renaissance music. 

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