Sauer, Michael F. SauerM at
Mon Aug 29 10:52:22 PDT 2005

>Let me ask you all this:

>>What's actually broken here? 

IMO what's broken here is trying to tell anyone what they can or cannot do. 
Even Monarchs do this at their peril (Right Duchess Elena?).

The best, possibly only, way to effect real change in our society is to lead
it. Do something you like, look like your having so much fun others want to join 
you and share the fun you are having with them. If things work really well you
have just 'infected' them with your brand of fun and they will share it with

Those who volunteer to lead get the biggest voices. From what Lyev said, Adele 
gets to decide what are official dance functions next year and what the guidelines
will be. Those who run various parties or dance in the barn get to interpret those
guidelines. The caller for any given dance gets to decide how they want to do that dance.

Everyone else gets to vote with their feet. 

All of those change and we get to see what works best.

As a way to hopefully do this I suggest (and offer to lead)

Event: Beginners Ball
When: 9 PM Sunday Aug 13 2006, Pennsic 35 
Location: Pennsic Dance Tent (Chandlers Road and Dragon Trace - 1 bock east of Troll)

Come one, come all to the first beginners ball at pennsic.
All dances will be taught if needed.

Whether this is your first Pennsic or Tenth, if you are a new dancer or
experienced, join us for live music, refreshments, fun and DANCING. 

A selections of Renaissance dances from all periods and locals will be done,
focusing on dances all can learn in a few minutes. All will be taught if needed.
Some will be energetic, others sedate. Time for favorite requests will be allowed.

Normans and Norse, Celtic or Catalan all personas and styles of garb welcome. Bring
your (eternal) friends and (annual) enemies, bring your two left feet, but no partners
necessary. Meet others interested in dance from all over the known world, or your own


Note: I can't do it alone. I'd need a decorator, a refreshments coordinator,
a musicians leader, a couple of callers to help with the teaching and the help 
of other experienced dancers to show up, put up with a good deal of teaching 
and be very outgoing to get new dancers on the floor. What say you?

This should be advertised heavily, in whatever schedules we can get it on.
Possibly even an add in the book and/or online. Notes in the barn and tent 
all first week, in the heralds cries? and boards etc.


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