pennsicdance: OOP dances - thoughts from the peanut gallery pt2

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Sun Aug 28 22:24:57 PDT 2005

OOP dances.

Again- Let the barn stay as it was this year.  Or draw the midnight line,
but let them be danced BEFORE midnight.  This is a lose-lose argument as
long as there are dancers at Pennsic that will feel put-out by not being
able to dance thier favorites too.  Or that simply chafe at the idea of
being told what they can / can not do and where they can/can not do it.

>From e-mails sent to me privately this past week, this is not the first time
this issue has come up for discussion and is not much closer to a
resolution.  There is no "winning" here.

        I belive evolution will take care of this problem in time or it
won't.  See where we are at in another 4-5 years.  My guess, no matter what
is discussed, or decided, there is going to be a problem putting it into
practice.  For the most part, if you're on this list- it may be a good time
to laughingly use "preaching to the choir" as a description here :)
Although admittedly, many here are also the 'Choir Leaders' and role-models
others look up and listen to.  Back on topic -

Since more baronies rely on CD's and tapes then live music- Korobushka, SCA
Road to the Isles, Trenchmore, and Maltese Bransle will be around as long as
copies of "The Rose & Nefr Dance Tape" and book are still hanging in.  On
the other hand, no one dances "Prinkum Prankum" anymore that I know of, so I
could be wrong  :)
         "Hole in the Wall" and "Black Nag" are among the top 10 recorded
dances.  All the dances that are most common, "Popluar" and "Fun" are on
that list, period included.  (See below if interested)   Exceptions:
Korobushka and SCA Road to the Isles - with only 3 common commercial
availble copies of music; however the issue is frequency and both are on 2
commonly found older disks:  "Rose and Nefr" and "Toons and Trips".

         Overall - I think if you want period dances to overtake the
non-period write to recording dance groups like Musica Subtereanna, Dragon
Scale Consort and others... and REQUEST them to put out more music **with in
structins** then buy extra copies and distribute it widely.
       Dels Dance Disk and book is making the rounds.  LOD is making the
rounds.  Joy and Jealously is making the rounds.  But these things take
time.  It will also take Baronies having a renewed interest in Dance and
INVESTING in the new music avaiable since with the new copyright laws,
"Educational use" aside - bootlegging amongst ourselves is just not as much
of an option as it was even 5 years ago.
       Start a writing campaign of shameless advertisement that these
resources are out there:  "Hey Barony/Shire Of Whereever! Tired of Danceing
the same 25 dances at your revels - check out Dels Dance Page for new
dances!"  Or the Letter of Dance Disks.  Or maybe make a live recording of
Terpsichorie one of these years to go along with the cheet sheet book...
       Get 'scholarships' going to send more dance masters/mistresses from
smaller baronies to the large dance events to learn these things to take
back to there home groups.

Just a few suggestions off the cuff that don't involve making a blanket
policy or something like that to just cut them out altogether from either
Pennsic or across society.



Top 15 recorded Dances (number after dance is the number of commercially
available copies I've found so far):
1)  Gatherine Peascods - 12
2) Rufty Tufty - 11
3) Maltese Bransle - 10
4) Montard - 10
5) Official Bransle - 10
6) Charlotte Bransle - 9
7) Joiousse vous Donnary - 9
8) Tourdion - 9
9)  Black Nag - 8
10) Horses - 8
11) NewCastle - 8
12) Petit Vriens - 8
13) Pinagay - 8
14) Canarias - 8
15) Hole in the wall - 7

and if your curious:
(also Tied at 7) Belle Qui Pavane, Black Alman, Hearts Ease, Jenny Pluck
Pears, Sellingers Round, Simple Bransle,
(Tied at 6) Amoroso, Annello Rosina, CandleStick/Toarch Bransle, Clog
Bransle, Gay bransle, Hay Bransle, Hermints Circle Mimed Bransle, Lo
Spagnoletto, Pease Bransle, Picking of Sticks, Queens Alman, Scot's Bransle,
Upon A Summers Day, Washer Woman's Bransle
(Tied at 5) Double Bransle, Gelosia, Nonesuch, Poictou Bransle, War Bransle,
 (Tied at 4) Argeers, Aridan, Ballo Del Fiore, Carolingian (modern) Pavanne,
Casuelle Novelle, Dolci Amoroso Fiamma, Earl of Salisbury Pavanne,
Goddesses, Grimstock, If all the World were paper, LaVolta Galliard, Le Bens
Distonys, Leggiadria d'amore, Malte bransle, Mayden Layne, Saltarello la
Regina, Spangnoletta Regulata
(Tied at 3) Beggar Boy, Belfiore, Bizzarria, d'Amore, Buffens, Chestnut,
Colonesse, Cuckolds All A Row, Dargason, Female Sailor, Fine Companion, Half
Hannigan, Hyde Park, John Tallow's Canon, Korobushka, Laura, Lorayne Alman,
Maid Peeped Out the Window, Mercantia, Merry Merry Milke Maids, Old Mole,
Parson's Farewell, Quadran Pavanne, Rostiboli Gioioso, SCA Road to the
Isles, Scotch Cap

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