pennsicdance: Comments from Octavio de Flores (part three - conclusion)

(John) Byron Boyd lutenist at
Sun Aug 28 18:18:28 PDT 2005

Good gentles of the list:

This is the end of my response to Master Ottavio's comments.

In short, in my opinion there is no justification for the use of modern 
instruments at SCA events, although I reluctantly tolerate them.  Before I 
leave my soapbox I am obligated to say that it was me who introduced the 
Meridian dance "The Mortal Alman", which is the dancing of The Black Alman 
to the theme from the movie "Mortal Kombat" during a session in the barn a 
few years ago and who has danced "Personal Hole in the Wall" (HITW to 
Personal  Jesus), Trenchmore to "Istanbul (not Constantinople)" and Posties 
Jig to "Sex on Wheels".
In service,
Iohann se pipere
Sable, a gyron argent
Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Art endures, life is brief)

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