pennsicdance: Comments from Octavio de Flores (part one)

(John) Byron Boyd lutenist at
Sun Aug 28 18:07:59 PDT 2005

Good gentles of the list:

My full response was rejected for excessive length, so I am sending it in sections.

> Some additional comments on the dance music from Octavio de Flores:

> The "Dance Music Coordinator" should do a better job of identifying and
> publishing in advance where musicians will be needed (and where they will
> not be welcome) so the musicians can better plan their Pennsic.

> To those musicians who feel obligated to play every night, but who have
> other interests at Pennsic, knowing that another band is responsible for a
> night is a blessing--it gives us a guilt-free opportunity to do some other
> things.  So if the Dance Music Coordinator next year can make sure we have
> identified before Pennsic begins, for each night, where open dance bands 
> are
> needed and where they are not welcome, everyone will be better able to 
> plan
> and no one will be turned away by surprise when they show up to volunteer
> their valuable services.

I agree.  When I arrived in the dance tent on Thursday, I immediately left 
when I saw that the Loud Band was performing.  I have been a member of this 
group for as long as I have attended Pennsic, but was not told that it was 
to perform that night.  As there are many times that the Loud Band does 
desire percussion, I supposed that this was another of those circumstances. 
This, of course, was not the fault of the aforementioned coordinator, but it 
is another example of this problem.  I prefer playing over dancing, but also 
sometimes wish to pursue other activities, such as shopping during Midnight 
Madness.  Knowing in advance that a particular ensemble will be performing 
(which was announced on some nights but not others) would always be helpful.

In service,
Iohann se pipere 
Sable, a gyron argent 
Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Art endures, life is brief)

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