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Gwommy Anpurpaidh gwommy at
Sun Aug 28 01:30:48 PDT 2005

> > We have two different places where we can dance, therefore we're going
> > to have two groups no matter how you run dance in either place.
> I don't understand what this means. Most of the dancers I know dance
> in both places; are you claiming there have to be two separate groups,
> and that most people only dance in one of the two? I know I hang
> out with weird people, but I didn't think they were this weird ;-)

This was in responce to where a couple people that have mentioned that
there's the two different types dance groups(barn dancers and tent
dancers) and that we should do things to not seperate the two groups. 
I know many of us do dance in both places though.

>> Also, I realize we only have the dance parties in the tent.
>There are 1-2 special events in the Barn each year: the Ball, and
>Wolgemut playing for dancing. You may not consider these "parties",
>but the "parties" aren't called "parties" either...

Wolgemut is only a 2 hour function.  And the Pennsic Ball is greatly
attended.  But why not even out the parties/group functions?  The barn
only has the two big events, where the tent has 4 specialized nights,
plus the Blue Feather Ball.  What about splitting these function up
between the tent and barn a little more?

And also, what were some of the things that happened that we liked
this year?  Have we discussed that?  Perhaps we should take what we
like and build off of that?

Yay!  More Dancing!

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