pennsicdance: more fringy ponderings

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Sat Aug 27 08:17:55 PDT 2005

> The problem is when every third dance being run through in 
> the barn (as reported by Patches during the post-mortem, which follows up my own general 
> observations while hanging out there, pre-midnight, this year) is from folk/baroque 
> beginnings.  That's a lot of time to be sitting out, and a lot of time invested in dances that 
> really aren't done widely, as far as I've seen (I'm NOT talking Koro/Road/Hole here).  

Well, if not the Three Great Evils, which ones, then?  I think the ones I danced most often at the barn that might be suspect are Female Saylor and Lord Sun Lady Moon...but certainly those two alone cannot constitute "every third dance" or it would be a VERY short evening.

And it surprising that more folk-type dancing is done in the barn, when the emphasis of the tent seems to be positively erudite?  I think if the tenties start declaring to the Barn-ites "Let them dance Cupido!" there may be a wee bit of a revolution on our hands.  (Thankfully, guillotines are not de rigeur at Pennsic.)

--Gillian de Whittemere

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