pennsicdance: more fringy ponderings

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Sat Aug 27 05:46:07 PDT 2005

On 27 Aug 2005 at 8:33, rahne at wrote:

> here on this list seem to be advocating.  Those dances which are still
> enjoyed have survived...they are the "fittest" in the SCA's
> evolutionary process.  I do not think they are enough of a threat to

So we need a big huge meteor? ;)  (that's a JOKE!)

> the enormous number of truly period dances performed to justify their
> abolition.  Somebody else on this list suggested something along the
> lines of "If you don't like a particular kind of dance, sit on the
> sidelines."  Well...there ya go.  We'll dance it, it'll be over, and
> we move on.

In some ways, yes, this works.  The problem is when every third dance being run through in 
the barn (as reported by Patches during the post-mortem, which follows up my own general 
observations while hanging out there, pre-midnight, this year) is from folk/baroque 
beginnings.  That's a lot of time to be sitting out, and a lot of time invested in dances that 
really aren't done widely, as far as I've seen (I'm NOT talking Koro/Road/Hole here).  


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