pennsicdance: more fringy ponderings

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Fri Aug 26 23:37:04 PDT 2005

At 08:42 PM 8/25/2005 -0400, whirlygig at wrote:
>Why does this issue have to be so completely black and white?

How completely black and white? I don't understand what you're saying. It 
is obvious to me that people have been expressing a wide spectrum of 
different opinions, and I have yet to see a truly extreme opinion in this 

>I have never seen the two-step/swing dance/tango...or what have you 
>requested or taught at any event dance or otherwise I've attended in 6 years.

I've seen Korobushka pretty often, and it's just about as much of a "what 
have you" as any dance is. It's about as modern as the tango, and more so 
than the original two-step. If we need a Russian dance, an unexaggerated 
version of Troika would be both more traditional and closer to what is 
known about period dancing.

. . .
>A Music Laurel (I think it was Master John Ap Winn? ) once said to me, 
>"After 40 years- the SCA has evolved a culture of it's own that should be 
>celebrated."  We are the Society of CREATIVE ANACHRONISMS.

True, if relevant. I could add that we are neither the Society for Creative 
Modernism nor the Society for Strictly Literal Anachronism. As for 
celebrating the SCA culture, I have a problem with that because I honestly 
(after about a quarter century of participation) do not know what that 
culture is, and besides I believe that any culture that has "evolved" may 
continue to evolve, rather than stagnating and repeating itself. Certainly 
we may celebrate the SCA culture (whatever each one of us may consider that 
culture to be) sometime or other, but at the same time we've got the future 
of the SCA to build, and the past of the SCA is not a fully satisfactory 
foundation for our future.

Henry of Maldon/Alex Clark 

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