pennsicdance: Side note re: SCA culture

Courtney Meredith Meredith.Courtney at
Fri Aug 26 09:00:02 PDT 2005

>these few, 25 odd dances have become part of our SCA *culture*.  Why
not let them be just that.  And simply drop the 70+ >obscure ones
there's no readily availble music for anyway, and NOT ADD ANY New folk
dances from this line out?
>Yes carpet armor and freon cans were also common 20 years ago - but for
reasons of safety and easier cheaper arming 
>methods becoming available, it went out of fashion.  

My husband, who experienced the freon-can helm transition (he's been
fighting for 32 years), told me that plenty of fighters objected to
losing their freon-can helms at the time.  Also that eventually, even
the remaining freon-can helms that still met safety standards were
banned, for being ugly.

Culture changes over time.  I've been playing SCA for almost 27 years.
Some changes I like, and some I regret, and some changes I would like
haven't happened.  I like having lots of friends to play with, so I
accept that I don't get my preferences all the time.


Meredith Courtney

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