pennsicdance: Dance Suggestions

Judith judithsca at
Thu Aug 25 16:18:00 PDT 2005

<<Several of the parties are exclusive when it comes to musicians.  20% of
time Maug was turned away.>>

I should point out here that on two of those occasions, the musicians in
question were a cohesive band who had practiced together well in advance and
had a plan on how to play each piece.  In those instances, having a musician
who had not rehearsed with them would have seriously disturbed the flow of
the music.  It would be somewhat akin to an unknown musician hopping up and
playing at a Wolgemut concert...
     Perhaps clearer announcements should be made regarding the dance
events, i.e. openness for both musicians and dancers (X evening is open to
all dancers, human or non, but a special ensemble has been contracted to
provide music, etc....)


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