pennsicdance: more fringy ponderings

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Aug 25 17:51:49 PDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 08:42:46PM -0400, whirlygig at wrote:

> But by these standards I have taken an OOP Minuet class in
> the dance tent during Pennsic 30 or 31.

Let's be clear on the purpose of that class -- it was intended to show
people what dance evolved into after period. It was not introducing
new social dances for the evenings. Learning about the SCA period
includes understanding what came before and what came after.

> A Music Laurel (I think it was Master John Ap Winn? ) once said to
> me, ?After 40 years- the SCA has evolved a culture of it's own that
> should be celebrated.?

And if you ask other laurels, you'll find that we disagree about this
sort of statement. If you've ever wondered why so many music laurels
don't participate in the bardic community much, it's mainly due to
this issue.

> We are the Society of CREATIVE ANACHRONISMS.

The name was made up on the spur of a moment in order to reserve a
public park. It doesn't necessarily mean anything -- although it does
frequently get mentioned in discussions like this one.

-- Gregory

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