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Nadine Latief nl33 at
Thu Aug 25 16:31:51 PDT 2005

 >> There is no
 >> requirement for the SCA to be the container of
 >> everything that every
 >> member/attendee finds fun.

And I will third this.
I remember being *thrilled* when I did hole in the wall at our local 
English Country group practice. The first time I did that in an 
appropriate setting.

Another poster says:
 >So I'm one who has largely abandoned the tent in favor of the Barn.  I
 >am certainly in a minority on this list, but I want to put in a voice
 >for the "others."  Most of those who prefer the Barn format are, I
 >suspect, not subscribed to this list.

That's part of the problem. If you want to make change, make it from 
the inside. If you want to see more ECD classes, volunteer to teach 
them. More dancing in the barn, volunteer to run them, like Lorelei did.

Otherwise, you're relying on people who don't agree with you to make 
the changes for you.

The whole "it vaguely looks renaissance, so it should be ok" is not a 
standard that the SCA tries to achieve. Things are being stricter 
across all SCA activities. I couldn't fence at the rapier battles at 
Pennsic because I was not heavy blade authorized. Apparently, heavy 
blades are more period, and a lot of kingdoms don't even do epees. 
This coming Gulf War, for the first time, all rapier war points will 
be heavy only. I like epees. But either I suck it up, and learn a 
new, more period form. Or I can complain and sit the battles out, all 
the while reminiscing about how I started in the SCA with epees and 
foils, and complain about the White Scarfs making such an unfair rule.

Lowrie -- who has an internal tummy bruise from a heavy rapier. 
Change is not always pleasant.

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