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White, John john.white at
Thu Aug 25 13:21:07 PDT 2005

> From:  Francis Classe
> > the Head (if I remotely liked the dance) and Juice
> > of Barley and not get frowned at 
> Erm, Stingo, or the Oyle of Barly is 1st Edition, is
> it not?  It's recently become quite popular in the
> West (at least the version we do with 6 couples).  I
> seem to have been taught a dance longways line for as
> many as will a long time ago, but perhaps that was a
> different dance with a similar name.
> Vyncent

Oyle of Barley is a 3-couple 1st edition ECD.  Juice of
Barley is a for-as-many-as-will dance from a later edition.
It uses the same music, and nearly the same name, but is
a different dance.

       \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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