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Julia Smith julias at
Thu Aug 25 09:11:39 PDT 2005

Greg Lindahl wrote:

>invitations that some of the hosts handed out, pretty widely. I don't
>think there's a single magic bullet to reach the people who think the
>dancing in the tent is exclusive; they have a great variety of reasons
>for thinking so, and many people new to dance do show up at such
>happenings and have fun. The comment about mentioning not needing
>special clothes is a good one, but probably will only bring in a
>couple of extra people.

One consideration that hasn't been raised yet is the way in which people 
use dance.  I've found over the last six years or so that I've gone from 
dancing every night to dancing only a few nights, due to my not being at 
Pennsic every year and my other obligations.  I found the parties 
frustrating, because I had to choose between dancing with the folks I 
like to spend time with and dancing the dances I wanted to dance.  And 
I'm not talking about a lack of OOP dance - the middle weekend, when I 
had the most free time, was all English and French.  That's not to knock 
Playford and Arbeau, but I can dance that stuff at home - it's the 
fancier stuff that I miss. 

If I were planning things, I'd think about limiting the timeframe of the 
parties a little, so that on each night there's focused dancing time, 
but also some unthemed dancing time (say, from 11-12).  That would allow 
us to accomodate varying tastes as well as cater to the themes. 

Juliana de Luna

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