pennsicdance: Dance Suggestions

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Thu Aug 25 04:18:56 PDT 2005

I'm not going to be saying much on this topic right now, because I do want to first hear as 
many opinions and ideas as possible and I do want folks who want to join this list to have a 
chance to say something as well.

However, I think some terms might need defining.  Yeah, I elaborate along the lines of 
costuming, because that's what I'm most familiar with.

Reconstruction - when someone takes a dance that was written down, in SCA-dance time 
period/style, and recreates it to the best of their knowledge.  Think taking a portrait and 
copying the outfit in it, perhaps?

SCA choreography - when someone looks at many dances from a particular time period 
(also in SCA range) and creates a similar but unique dance.  Think making an outfit based 
on ideas from several paintings, maybe some text reference too, of a certain region and time.

GOOP/SOOP - (never heard the second term before the post-mortem, actually) a dance 
that is not related to SCA period dance styles, such as folk dancing, swing dance, or 
baroque.  They might be brought in from non-SCA sources or created by SCA people.  
Think someone wearing an American Revolutionary war uniform.  

Someone holler if these don't work, and the definitions can be refined -- did 'em quick 
because it's time to go to work! :)


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