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I keep a website that catalogs dances and dance music.  (278 dances and 35+

I'm sending this so we have a clear picture of what we're talking about:
Here's the Full List from my website of GOOP & SOOP dances - take these out,
and there are still: 168 period dances found in Del's Dance Book, Eric's
Dance Book, Terpsichorie, and the Crystal Ball Cheet Sheet Books.

Here are the 110 listed dances of either SCA choreography/reconstruction,
late playford, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th century origin:
Several are possibly duplicates, and 80 of which I've never danced, seen
danced, or learned at Pennsic or anywhere else.
Most of these there are no commercially available music sources.

Leaving only *30* common "problem" dances- again, several without readily
available music sources.

**NOTE:  I had a cut/paste problem:  Female Sailor and Lamb Skinnet should
be in the "Other" Section**

Playford non 1651 dances:
      Jamaica English Country English Playford 1670
      Well Hall Progression English Playford 1679
      Juice of Barley Progression English Playford 1689
      Mad Robin Progression English Playford 1695
      Mr. Isaac's Maggot Progression English Playford 1695?
      Hole in the Wall Progression English Playford 1696
      Jack's Maggot Progression English Playford 1702
      Trip to Kilburn English Country English Playford 1718
      Trenchmore English Country English Playford 1722
      Kelsterne Gardens English Country English Playford 1726
      Easter Thursday English Country English Playford?
      Monymusk Misc Scottish Preston 1786
      Female Sailor Progression English Recueil de Contradances 1706

SCA Chor:
      Bard Dance Other Misc. SCA
      Burley Mariners English Country English SCA
      Chocolate Alman Alman English SCA
      Corwyn's Folly Misc Scottish SCA
      Danse Northshield BasseDance Burgundian/French SCA
      Dolchezza d'Amore 16thC Italian SCA
      Dougal's Wheel English Country English SCA
      Duchess Rondallynn's Pavanne Pavanne English SCA
      Entrée Courante Pavanne English SCA
      Equos Fair Misc Scottish SCA
      German/Hungarian March Misc Germanic/Austrian SCA
      Ges de Disnar Other Misc. SCA
      Griffone d'Oro (A Lieta Vita) 16thC Italian SCA
      Irish Gypsy English Country English SCA
      Jogging over the Mountains Balli Italian SCA
      King's Courtship Other Misc. SCA
      Le Loup Courante Pavanne Pavanne French SCA
      Lord Sun and Lady Moon English Country English SCA
      Loup Courant Pavanne Pavanne French SCA
      Michaela's Mayhem Other Misc. SCA
      Minute Pavanne Pavanne English SCA
      Mirror Hall English Country English SCA
      Miserlou Other Misc. SCA
      Mordred's Lullaby BasseDance Italian SCA
      Nika Nika  (Noun Pourrié) Other Misc. SCA
      Nobilis Humilis Other Misc. SCA
      Noun Pourrié (Nika Nika) Other Misc. SCA
      Novelle Amor Other Misc. SCA
      On the Banks of the Helicon English Country English SCA
      Pavanne D'Amour Pavanne English SCA
      Pennywren Road English Country English SCA
      Prendente in Gyro (Saltarello II) Other Italian SCA
      Puzzle Box English Country English SCA
      Quen Quer Que Misc Other SCA
      Riunione BasseDance Italian SCA
      Saltarello II (Prendente in Gyro) Misc Italian SCA
      Scotch Cap Misc Scottish SCA
      Sionnan's Shamrock (or Irish Gypsy) English Country English SCA
      St. Joan late 17th C English SCA
      Gracca Amorosa 16thC Italian SCA / Caroso 1581
      Bounette Bransle Bransles French SCA choreography
      Calontir Bransle Bransles French SCA choreography
      Maltese (circle) Bransles French SCA Choreography
      Michelaine Bransle Bransles French SCA Choreography
      Scotland the Brave "Road to the Isles" Misc Scottish SCA Choreography
      Rosina  Progression Italian? SCA Choreography
      Two Fat Ladies English Country English SCA, 18th C in style
      Tracks of the Wolf English Country English SCA, 20th C
      Lamb Skinnet Misc Scottish Thompson 1751

Other, Traditional,  Folk Dance:

      Hanter Dro Other Misc. Traditional, Brittany
      Gankino Horo Other Misc. Traditional, Bulgaria
      Narodno Horo Misc Other Traditional, Bulgaria
      Pravo Horo Misc Other Traditional, Bulgaria
      Dansur Other   Traditional, Faeroe Islands
      Sousta Misc Other Traditional, Greek Islands
      Zetsko Kolo Misc Other Traditional, Montenegro
      Raèa Misc Other Traditional, Serbia
      Lazy Robin Other Misc. Unknown
      Angus Reel Reel Scottish
      Cumberland Reel Reel Irish
      Gay Gordon Misc Scottish
      Gratia D'amore
      Haymakers Jig Jig Irish
      Karapyet Russian Russian
      Kohanoshka Russian Russian
      Korobushka Russian Russian
      Lavolta Galliard
      Moonshine Russian Russian
      Posten's Jig Misc Scottish
      Posty's Jig Jig Scottish
      Prince William's Hey English Country English
      Troika Russian Russian

      Country Waltz Misc Scottish 1827

      Carolingian Pavanne (modern) Pavanne French 20th Century
      Coin of the Realm English Country English 20th Century
      Earl of Salisbury Pavanne Pavanne English 20th Century
      Fickle Ladies English Country English 20th Century
      Heralds in Love English Country English 20th Century
      Honeysuckle Alman English 20th Century
      Ma Navu Folkdance Israeli 20th Century
      Mannschaft Pavanne Pavanne English 20th Century
      Return of Spring English Country English 20th Century
      Saltarello la Regina Other Misc. 20th Century
      Tirnewydd Jigg English Country English 20th Century
      Twt Hill English Country English 20th Century
      Vicar's Alman (modern) Alman English 20th Century
      Wandering Eye English Country English 20th Century
      Welcome Scotsman Progression English 20th Century

      Ländler Germanic Germanic/Austrian Austrian Folk Dance

      Pletyoka (Russian Braid Dance) Russian Russian Louis Chalif 1926

      Dashing White Sergeant Misc Scottish Oral Tradition
      Mari's Wedding Misc Scottish Oral Tradition
      Strip the Willow Misc Scottish Oral Tradition
      Six Hand Reel Reel Irish Oral Tradition?

      Bare Necessities Other Misc. Pat Shaw, 20th Cent
      John Tallow's Canon Other Misc. Pat Shaw, 20th Cent

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