pennsicdance: Dance Suggestions

Nadine Latief nl33 at
Wed Aug 24 20:29:49 PDT 2005

 > Besides, how many people started
 > dancing in the SCA because of the GOOP dances?

In Austin, our influx of newcomers did not start dancing in the SCA 
because of the GOOP dances. However, we have had requests from those 
newcomers to teach GOOP because the old folks in the SCA keep telling 
them what great and fun dances they are. GOOPs will not die out if we 
keep teaching them to the new generation dancers.

I favor no GOOP dance before midnight OR GOOP dancing between 9 and 
10 pm, barn only (which I believe someone brought up at the 
post-mortem meeting.)

I don't like the whole idea of GOOP being able to be danced anytime, 
because it gives the idea that it's part of our repertoire. And it's 
not. It frustrates me that non-dance laurels request GOOP dancing, 
but then get all uppity when someone suggest to a cooking laurel that 
period food is just not as yummy. Why should the standards be 
different for dancing?

 >Next, I think that the 'dance parties' should be ditched. Even though
 >we try to get the word out that everyone is invited, it still seems
 >like a private thing to many outsiders.

I invited someone to my party, and he started saying on how dance 
parties is killing dance at Pennsic, and why am I giving out invitations?

Come on, the schedule is on the Pennsic booklet. A lot of newbies 
find us in the dance tent. It seems to be me, the folks who are 
pissed off at dance parties will stay pissed off, and not go. New 
folks not involved in the dance politics will go if they find the 
description interesting.

I know for most of Pennsic I was too busy in my own (and my friends') 
little dramas to worry about SCA dance politics. But you know what, I 
consider the fact that we even have them, and have little "factions" 
sort of a good sign. Look at how cliquish the light-fighting 
community is, heck, I hear even the archery community has worse 
politics then us. We're big enough now that entire groups can choose 
not to play with the rest of the group. Maybe that's ok.

One plan isn't going to make everyone happy. So why don't we go with 
the SCA corporate plan and do renaissance dance, and slowly move 
towards a more authentic dance experience?

Lowrie -- who Lindy Hops, contras, ballets and club dance. But not 
all in one place.

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