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Wed Aug 24 15:57:36 PDT 2005

Sean D. Sorrentino wrote:
> the original overly focused dance party was the Caroso
> Ball hosted by Ellen. it was in the afternoon and was
> specifically done that way so as to not interrupt the
> "normal" evening dance. i thought that was pretty
> classy on her part. i agree that the dance nights have
> gotten too focused on the genres. this is why my two
> (last year and the year before) did not have the
> focus. (people whining that having more than 2 Italian
> dances constitutes a focus can sit down at this point,
> i won't be listening) i think that it should be made
> clear that focused dancing should be done in classes,
> not social dance. to say that focused dancing was the
> point is to miss the fact that it was a unneccessary
> consequence, a bug, not a feature.

Since I'm not actually getting back to Pennsic in the foreseeable future,
my opinion is possibly not worth listening to, but from my perspective,
"focused" social dances are a major feature, not a bug.  Mixing different
times and places to me just creates annoying aesthetic incoherence - sort
of like taking each individual piece of a costume from a different time
and place (over a range of centuries) and calling it "Medeeeeval". 
(Indirect thanks to Richard Powers for supplying that comparison at
Newport this year in the context of different schottische variations for
mid-19th vs. late 19th century events.)

If I ever come back to Pennsic, it would be because of what I hear about
the nifty focused events.

Alejandra de Miera
(just back from Newport, which had nifty focused events, and now in Canada
to do nifty focused events before going home to plan a nifty focused

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