pennsicdance: Dance Suggestions

Gwommy Anpurpaidh gwommy at
Wed Aug 24 14:20:18 PDT 2005

Though I say anything at the boredom, I'd still like to give some
ideas and thoughts that I had as well as some things that I've heard
from others.

First, I'd like to say that I like the idea removing the no GOOP
before midnight rule at the barn.  As long as there's a venue for
period dancing, then I don't see where there's a problem.  I'd
consider it an attempt at period dancing and at least it's not hip hop
dancing or something like that.  Besides, how many people started
dancing in the SCA because of the GOOP dances?  I don't dance THAT
many GOOP dances anymore though.

Next, I think that the 'dance parties' should be ditched.  Even though
we try to get the word out that everyone is invited, it still seems
like a private thing to many outsiders.  I think that they are also
too concentrated on a certain kind of dance.  I know that's the point,
but the average SCA dancer doesn't concentrate on one type of dance,
they know bits and pieces of all different venues of dance.

Now to my suggestion.  I think that we should have open
beginner/intermediate dancing in the barn at night where the dances
are taught and newer people can have a chance of learning them. 
Meanwhile, in the dance tent, we should have open
intermediate/advanced dances going on.  We should be able to dance
dances with little to no walkthrough and for the 3 hours we have in
the tent, the dances should be able to flow one after another.  The
more experienced dancers don't have to sit through learning dances
that they've already learned 100 times and the musicians get to play
more as well.  The less expierenced dancers will have somewhere to
learn dances at their own pace.  So to me, this sounds like it'll make
everyone happy.

There's some of my thoughts.  Please, feel free to pick it apart. 
Perhaps there are some points that I am missing, which is alright and
I'd like to know other's opinions on this as well.

Yay!  Dancing!

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