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At 01:40 PM 8/16/2005, annikki at wrote:
> > I don't think she can check e-mail during Pennsic, so she doesn't realize
>Muahahahaaaaa!  Fooled you!

I guess I'll have to find some way more sneaky for next year to get thanks 
out ;-)

Great thanks to *everyone*, and Adele especially, for making this year 

Despite concerns after the flooding last year, we had floor sections in 
pretty good shape.

Despite real life taking three different instructors, we had a wide 
selection of classes and substitute teachers that sometimes jumped in with 
little notice.

Despite having only a few helpers, Adele got the new floor sections bought, 
delivered and prepared (try getting 4'x8' plyboard and 16-foot boards onto 

Despite hot and humid weather, we had many dancers enjoy themselves (i.e, 
roughly 500 people in the barn for the Pennsic Ball).

Despite threatening weather on the final Friday, we didn't have to put the 
floor away during a flood again (Pittsburgh got the flood the next day).

Despite several regulars not making it to this Pennsic (and my own time 
curtailed), we had volunteers for all the essential tasks that the tent 
needs for opening and closing.

On top of that, Pennsic Cultural Affairs got us a new sound system. So 
instead of having to loan a boom-box for the instructors (which would get 
drowned out completely everytime the wagon drove by the tent), we now have 
speakers so powerful that we needed to turn the volume *down* so that we 
wouldn't blast the whole rest of the A&S area with "Rostiboli".

And we had enough copies of the Pennsic Pile to give to musicians 
(including one copy that was given to the Pennsic Exchequer, who might stop 
by the tent next year).

Overall, it was an incredibly successful year thanks to *everybody*.

The one thing I'd like to do is put together for the future is a class on 
resolving interpersonal issues on the dance floor. Kinda like an extension 
of my Absolute Beginners class, but focusing on just courtesy and not 
steps. The title of a similar class I gave was "Never assume Malice when it 
could be Ignorance, never assume Ignorance when it could be Inter-kingdom 
Differences". There would be hints like, "Treat everyone you dance with as 
if they were the Queen, since they might be" and such.

It just breaks my heart to hear that anyone said anything unkind to a 
fellow dancer, or that anyone didn't realize that they could just go to the 
ball mistress if they needed help in finding a dance partner.

Dance at Pennsic is something I enjoy tremendously and have put a bunch of 
time into, and it hurts when people don't enjoy themselves.

Anyway, thanks again to Adele for agreeing to do this for next Pennsic (and 
for Judith who volunteered to work closely with her). With luck I'll be 
able to make it to Pennsic next year to dance with you all again.

Thanks really to everybody.

-Lyev, former Pennsic Dance Coordinator

....who is rested enough that he no longer thinks that AEthelmearc court 
ends at 9 AM (it just felt like it), no longer thinks that it was Pennsic 
*33* that he went to, and no longer has the urge when he bumps into someone 
at work to say "Excuse me, M'Lord" 

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