pennsicdance: On-site Report

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Tue Aug 16 10:40:18 PDT 2005

Lyev says:

> (hint: don't dance barefoot), but otherwise a close inspection showed them 

Heh... a few minutes ago I was watching people dance barefoot.  Silly people. :)

> BTW, anyone know what the runners labeled "D" were for? I recall they were 
> meant for the musician's area, but there are a heck of alot of them.

We've used them as needed, wherever.  What their original purpose was is still unknown, I guess?

> If anyone on the list has folks that will be on site, please ask if they 

Thank you to many people who have stopped by during the early bits to help paint a bit.  Band shell pieces are painted, but not up yet.  The five new floor sections are in, three with parquets.  One extra parquet was done, too.

Next year would be really nice to have some more parquets painted - I put the blank pieces all together in the floor, and it's a huge area.  Looks lonely next to the spiffy painted sections.

Many people helped put things together on Wednesday!  Thank you!

We lost 2.5 floor pieces total, due to splintering and such.  Some of them are being reborn as a lockbox for the new sound system (Thanks Phlip!).

> below). Without her, we'd have no floor this year. She's gone over and 
> above what I asked her to do, and *still* keeps coming to me and asking 
> what else she can do.

I did?

> If we all thank her, this would mean alot for her. She's done stuff like 

Thank y'all right back. :)

> I don't think she can check e-mail during Pennsic, so she doesn't realize 

Muahahahaaaaa!  Fooled you!

One last thing though -- I can't do this again.  I've spent the past five or so days out of commission due to back injury from helping lift floor pieces, I guess.  Much thanks to Lyev and Katherine Mercer for teaching my classes when I couldn't walk.  Finally starting to dance a little as of Monday night.  

So who's next? :)


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