pennsicdance: On-site Report

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Sun Aug 7 08:08:33 PDT 2005

Dateline: Coopers Lake

The floor has been unloaded from the trailer, and new lumber has been 
bought and delivered (thanks to the offer of THL John van der Veldte's 
truck). Special thanks goes to Mordecai (sp?) of Rusted Woodlands camp -- 
having an extra hand makes things go much better. I'd have to say that 
having a strong person, even if it's for only an hour, makes a huge difference.

The floor pieces are actually in much better shape than expected, and 
survived the packing well. There are chipped edges that will need sanding 
(hint: don't dance barefoot), but otherwise a close inspection showed them 
to be in good shape.

BTW, anyone know what the runners labeled "D" were for? I recall they were 
meant for the musician's area, but there are a heck of alot of them.

Adele is going to start waterproofing and painting the new sections, and 
start getting the floor laid out. This will go on from Sunday to Tuesday. 
If anyone on the list has folks that will be on site, please ask if they 
can stop by the dance tent for a few minutes each day. The sections can't 
be lifted by just one person, and she needs to every so often get that done.

On that note, I'd like to ask everyone reading this to please thank Adele 
for her hard work (yes, if you're going to Pennsic, please do this, see 
below). Without her, we'd have no floor this year. She's gone over and 
above what I asked her to do, and *still* keeps coming to me and asking 
what else she can do.

If we all thank her, this would mean alot for her. She's done stuff like 
leave for Pennsic at 3am just so that she can get an early start on things, 
and is doing most of the floor work by her lonesome.

I don't think she can check e-mail during Pennsic, so she doesn't realize 
I've asked you all to do this. Let's surprise her ;-)


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