pennsicdance: Evening dance stuff and Pennsic Ball

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Fri Aug 5 09:24:36 PDT 2005

Here be the scoop on three things:

1. Wolgumut does have the barn reserved, and presumably will want to do 
something after Eastern court. If other musicians and dancers want to do 
something, show up at the barn and talk with them. They definitely don't 
play all evening (I forget how long their dance stuff in the barn went last 
year, but 1-2 hours tops sounds right). Any other group is more than 
welcome to play for dance either before or after them. They may even really 
want a group to start things before them, so that there are lots of people 

Eastern court is at some point on Wednesday. Pennsic book says 8pm, another 
schedule lists it as 7pm. Heck, we may not even know for sure until that 
day (these things happen). No idea how long it is going to run.

So I have not a clue when dance is going to start in the barn that night.

2. I found out that we actually have the barn reserved from 9pm until dawn 
(not 11pm as I first said) on every night a court isn't happening, and 
right after courts for war week. This gives the evening dance people time 
to clean up the mess that the kids usually leave on the floor and such, and 
start when they feel like.

3. Pennsic Ball is still on at 9pm or right after AEthelmearc court 
(6pm-??) on the Tuesday of war week. FYI, it might be a long court.

Now for a personal plug: THL Duncan Blackwater is getting his Laurel in 
Falconry near the end of court. It promises to be a very fun ceremony to 
watch. Some of you who went to Ice Dragon might have taken his class on 
Medieval hunting, and know who he is.

Why do I mention this? Because of this (and things going on right 
afterwards for the newly Master Duncan) are going to take me away from the 
Pennsic Ball for a good amount of time at the start.

I promised Judith I would help set up and such, but it looks like (if court 
runs long) I can't help at the start of the ball as I said I would. So if 
anyone out there would please show up the the barn early, and help move 
benches and such, it would be greatly appreciated. Plus if you show up 
early enough you might catch a nifty ceremony.

Thank you to everyone who is helping make this Pennsic a fun one for dance!


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