pennsicdance: Evening Dance at Pennsic

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Thu Aug 4 04:56:06 PDT 2005

At 04:19 AM 8/4/2005, you wrote:
>If we can work this out, I hope there will not be a problem.  Thus far what
>I've confirmed with the Dance masters/mistresses who asked - is to start
>after court, or "0 dark 30"  as it's been done in the past.   oops?

Actually in August 0 dark 30 comes out to closer to 10pm. Someone (it might 
have been my idea) decided to start things at 9pm sharp in the tent, since 
it had to end there at midnight.

10pm sharp should be do-able for a barn start time, I think even on 
Wednesday of war week (that night tends to be a short night for courts).

I need to get advertising and flyers out for where/when dance is each evening.

>If this isn't possible - I suggest sending a 'ringer' down to the tent to
>make the announcement once things get going.

This is a good idea regardless.

Thanks again to all who have volunteered at the last minute to help the 
dance community this year! :-)

Yay dancing, -Lyev 

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