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Thu Aug 4 01:19:53 PDT 2005

Corrected Roster for the Barn

Tuesday -
Wednesday - Shauna
Thursday -
Friday - Shawna
Saturday - Judith
Sunday - Vyncent
Monday - Shauna
Tuesday - Grand Pagent / Pennsic Ball - Judith
Wednesday (after EK court)- Lorelei
Thursday (after MK court) -
Friday - (after closing ceremonies) -

> In general, I'd like to stagger the start times of the barn and tent
> ...  This way, part-way through the tent activities, the barn evening
person can make an announcement
> and lead people over to the barn.

If we can work this out, I hope there will not be a problem.  Thus far what
I've confirmed with the Dance masters/mistresses who asked - is to start
after court, or "0 dark 30"  as it's been done in the past.   oops?

If this isn't possible - I suggest sending a 'ringer' down to the tent to
make the announcement once things get going.

> Barn dance has traditionally been
> looser, like evening dance at more typical SCA events (more requests and
> teaching throughout the night, more of an ad lib schedule).

This is one thing I'm hoping to change a little.
For those leading in the barn, please have a general set list in mind going
into the night.   It generally makes the live musicians MUCH happier, and
helps things go smoother without them having to search for music after every
Yes - take requests.  Yes - duplicate dances.  Yes - within reason,
celebrate the Anachronistic side of the SCA.
And most of all - HAVE FUN!!!  :)


(- Who really should be sleeping, sewing, or cutting things, not typing)

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