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L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Wed Aug 3 14:07:22 PDT 2005

Thus sayeth Lorelei:

>Roster Thus Far:  (Many apologies for misspelled names!!!)
>Tuesday -
>Wednesday - Shawna
>Thursday -
>Friday - Shawna
>Saturday - Judith
>Sunday - Vyncent
>Monday - Shawna
>Tuesday -
>Wednesday (after EK court)- Lorelei
>Thursday (after MK court) -
>Friday -

Quick reminder:
Tuesday of war week is the Pennsic Ball in the Barn (Judith is running that)

Wednesday of war week has Volgemut scheduled to play in the Barn. I have no 
details, but I'm assuming this is going to be one of their populace dance 

Friday is usually closing ceremonies/great court, which can be looooong. I 
know that after floor disassembly, I'm not going to have energy to even 
show up in the barn that night (but I hope that other people decide to do so!)

In general, I'd like to stagger the start times of the barn and tent 
activities. This way, part-way through the tent activities, the barn 
evening person can make an announcement and lead people over to the barn. 
Some people have said that it's a tough "energy barrier" (please excuse the 
Chemistry term) to go from the tent to the barn, and this may be a good 
catalyst. We officially have the barn from 11pm until dawn, but if a court 
or other organized activity is not going on that evening, we can start a 
bit before that. Dance in the tent is 9pm sharp during 1st week.

And here's the Evening Dance in the tent schedule:

Sat - Tues: Let paint dry
Wed 8/10 (floor assembly day): Lyev
Thurs 8/11: Lyev
Fri 8/12:
Sat 8/13:
Sun 8/14: English Revels/Henry
Mon 8/15: 16th Century French/Kathrine Mercer
Tues 8/16: Blue Feather Ball
Wed 8/17: Dancer's Challenge/Lowrie
Thurs 8/18: 16th Century Italian/Judith
Fri 8/19 (dance floor disassembly at 1pm)

Now here's the issue -- I can *not* run evening dance in the tent Fri and 
Sat. In the past years the "solution" to having no one volunteer to run 
things in the evening in the tent was for me to do it. I don't mind 
coordinating with the musicians (actually I enjoy it). Also I really need 
to encourage other people to get some experience doing this (I may not even 
be at Pennsic next year).

I prefer things in the tent to be run like an SCA ball at a big 
interkingdom dance event (playlist for each set, minimal down time between 
dances, breaks between sets for musicians, requests taken during set 
breaks, most of you know what I mean ;-). Barn dance has traditionally been 
looser, like evening dance at more typical SCA events (more requests and 
teaching throughout the night, more of an ad lib schedule). You say 
"SPEZZ-ato" I say "spezz-A-to" ;-)

If Friday and Saturday in the tent is more ad lib, then that'll be what 
happens. If someone really wants to keep the organized evening dance going 
like I've been doing it, that would be great too.

T minus 3 until Pennsic and counting, -Lyev 

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