pennsicdance: Evening Barn Dance at Pennsic -Nearly Last Call!!!

whirlygig whirlygig at
Wed Aug 3 01:41:40 PDT 2005

We are still looking for a few more volunteers for leading dance in the barn
at Pennsic!
Please e-mail ccoate25 at ASAP

First week:  Tuesday, Thursday
War Week:  Thursday, Friday?, Saturday?

So grab some friends, your dancin' shoes, and come on down!  :)
It's a great time, and a great service to the populace at large!

As stated in previous e-mails:
"Each night is up to the individual or group leading; as to what dances;
what type of music... but plan for
'open/variety'' set lists & non-experienced dancers.  And remember - like
the tent, this is to also be a safe environment for dancers of all
experiences.   Please be a chatelaine to the wall flowers :)
Also be prepared for anything from a full dance band to the 'bard in a box.'
(nearly) any music is better then not dancing!"

4 days and counting... :)


Roster Thus Far:  (Many apologies for misspelled names!!!)
Tuesday -
Wednesday - Shawna
Thursday -
Friday - Shawna
Saturday - Judith
Sunday - Vyncent
Monday - Shawna
Tuesday -
Wednesday (after EK court)- Lorelei
Thursday (after MK court) -
Friday -

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