pennsicdance: Planning for next year (and this year)

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Fri Jul 29 16:52:01 PDT 2005

It's one week before Pennsic, do you know where your dance class handouts 
are? ;-)

No doubt everyone is in a rush to get ready for Pennsic (I'm still looking 
at piles of fabric that I haven't manage to turn into doublets yet). I 
wanted to make sure everyone knew that I will not be dance coordinator next 
year, and quite possibly can't even make Pennsic next year.

I have requested that the change-over happen at Pennsic (I have no control 
over who will be in charge next year). Doing it at Pennsic allows not only 
a brief bit of on-the-job training for the next coordinator, but more 
importantly will allow them to assemble their staff (floor, music, etc.) at 
the event, and talk through ideas for next year while everyone is still 
around. When the new person is chosen, I'll be sure to post the info 

The best thing that I can ask of every one of you is to take that a little 
bit of pride in our dance tent. Do you remember how neat it is to walk by a 
camp where they take pride in their camp? Where the towering battlements 
and Roman fort walls are, and where passers-by are met with smiles?

That is how I would like everyone to think of our dance community. I would 
love it if everyone who walks by the dance tent during Pennsic, goes home 
with fond memories of how courteous we all are. The dance tent has grown 
from just "a place to do dance" to a place for us to hang out and escape 
the heat during the day, and meet new friends.

For this to happen, I need each of you to do a little bit to keep it that 
way. If the cooler needs filled, if the floor needs a quick sweep, or if 
the tent needs a little tidying up -- a small bit of help will go a long 
way. So please help your fellow dancers out, even if it's to be a "ringer" 
for a class on dances that you know well already.

Yay dancing! -Lyev

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