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Thu Jul 21 10:51:57 PDT 2005

> > Note that Pennsic has a "no open flames inside a tent" rule. 
> > We could certainly hang up lanterns.
> Interesting...I know *lots* of groups who have tons of open flames 
inside of
> their communal pavilions...Never realized there was a rule.  While
> practical, it really does remove from the ambience (having personally 
> seen a glass lantern from period...The ones I have seen had their panes 
> of thin layers of horn)
> J

I've checked, and the Fire Regs are on page 9 of the onsite booklet:

"5. Fires & torches ARE NEVER to be left unattended.
6. Elevated, open flame devices must be stable and be placed
at a distance equal to their height plus one foot from any structure.
For example, a 20 foot high propane torch may not be
placed within 21 feet of any structure and a 4 foot tall "tiki"
torch must be 5 feet from any structure.
7. Open flames and combustion heat devices (e.g.: candles,
fires, space heaters) are not to be operated inside of any enclosed
structure or tent."

There's enough language there to not permit Torches Branle, unless someone 
wants to bring those faux-candles that use a flickering christmas light.


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