pennsicdance: Lighting for musicians in tent

lyev at lyev at
Wed Jul 20 10:21:19 PDT 2005

One other thing to keep in mind is that there is not a single location in 
the dance tent that is perfectly level ("Visit Pittsburgh And Go Climb a 
Street!"). So keep in mind that real candles might not work well in 
avoiding getting wax dripping on things you don't want (i.e, floor, music, 
musicians, etc.).

Greg and others have suggested that the one floodlight nearest the 
musicians be focused downward better, and I'm going to get intouch with 
Tech Services to see about this. That should be good for the four nights 
of evening (non-ball) dance in the tent.

As to the evening balls, there's been some fantastic suggestions for 
raising the period appearance for the tent between the candles and faux-
fire lanterns. I'll leave it up to the individual ball masters to run with 
those ideas.


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