pennsicdance: Lighting for musicians in tent

Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at
Wed Jul 20 10:09:22 PDT 2005

>     But then, California has a reputation for
> intimidating safety regulations...

In just about everything, don't get me started =)

> There was a little dish at the bottom of the candle
> holder, and they
> fastened that to the ledge on which the pages
> rested.

I was thinking of something a little slicker.  I'll
see what I can come up with in between now and Pennsic
(No promises, though =).  The main goals would be to
1) Not drip wax on the floor (I have never had a
problem with blowing wax on things unless it was
really windy)  2) provide sufficient illumination and
3) attach to a variety of music stand types.  If
anyone has any other design requirements, I'd love to
hear them.

> Alternatively, we could also use floor candle

Hmm, that would also give some nice ambiance...does
anyone actually have any floor candelabras or


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