pennsicdance: OT: Elena, Pennsic, and the Pittsburg airport

Elena elena at
Wed Jul 20 08:52:36 PDT 2005

Greetings all,

I swear I had a ride to Pennsic, really I did.  But my hosts told me this 
Monday that they would not be going, leaving me without a ride from the 
airport to the event.

I arrive Wednesday August 10th in Pittsburg, at 4:20 pm. If you, or anyone 
you know, might be able to accommodate me with a ride  ... they (and you) 
would have my undying gratitude. Also reimbursement for gas, and the 
promise of  a return favor. I could be picked up anytime after my arrival 
(but one  hopes before the 11th).

Elena, who really hopes to spend Pennsic dancing at a place other than the 

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