pennsicdance: Lighting for musicians in tent

Judith judithsca at
Tue Jul 19 13:39:46 PDT 2005

> Also, one musician group here in Germany has
> little candle holders on the sides of their music
> stands that add enough extra light, adds ambience

No kidding, I think it would be fantastic to have that
kind of atmosphere.  Unfortunately, here in the West,
those kind of things are against fire regs, but I
would love to see them at Pennsic.>>

Well, you know, here in Europe, everyone is a pyronmaniac.  Most major
celebrations include some sort of large bonfire in the public square
(Easter, May Day, St, John's Day, etc.).  Even castle sites allow open
flames, and you would think they would be particularly picky about it.
    But then, California has a reputation for intimidating safety

<<  Do you recall what
kind of attachment point they used for the candle

Scary as this may seem, they actually used close pins to hold them on.
There was a little dish at the bottom of the candle holder, and they
fastened that to the ledge on which the pages rested.  But some of the
musicians also have music stands with candle holders built into them or
soddered on (if they are using wrought iron).
    Alternatively, we could also use floor candle sticks...

<<The other thing is that it might be tricky to focus on
the music with one bright point of light in your eye. 
How did they resolve this problem?>>

They had two candles on the stand, one on each end, and somehow, it just


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