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Mon Jul 18 12:26:33 PDT 2005

On 12 Jul 2005 at 16:32, L.J. Sparvero wrote:

> * Help with floor assembly, especially with unloading the dance
> trailer during land grab weekend. Many new sections will need to be
> painted this year.

Yes, yes!  Anyone who can help out with a paintbrush for the first few days of Pennsic would 
be greatly appreciated!  Anyone who can help out with lugging 4x8' 3/4' plywood sheets 
around would be greatly appreciated!  Anyone who can use a drill would be greatly 
appreciated!  Anyone who can even just come by with moral support would be greatly 

Here's the plan:

Saturday (land grab) through Wednesday (official floor-building -- bring your charged, 
cordless drills!), we are working on floor!  This includes:

a. sorting through the old pieces, which will require more than myself, as I am incapable of 
lifting one of those floor sections by myself

b.  cutting some of the old pieces into 4x4' sections, as needed

c. priming new pieces, then painting them, then parqueting them - this takes a lot of time as 
early as possible, but it's really a nice way to spend a few hours socializing with fellow 

d. cutting new joists and runners, as needed, and watersealing them

e. cutting and painting new pieces to go around posts

f. painting band shell (I may be doing this before Land Grab, if no one objects to the plans 
posted below.)

g.  assembling floor

h.  assembling band shell

I'm pretty much planning on being in the dance tent during the daytime of all those days 
except when I'm a) setting up my own tent (check Cynnabar's encampment in W02) or b) 
running into town.  If you let me know ahead of time, I can make sure I'm in the tent when 
you want to come by and help!  I can pass on my phone number too, so you can contact me 
easily onsite!

We'll be mostly going with the old notes, as usual:

There are suggestions and insight from last year (thanks Margaret!) that will revise the old 
plans as necessary.

And lastly, I am not a woodworker -- can people please let me know what they think of these 
two items, pictured here:

Mostly, I'm wondering if that band shell, based on the old band shell that was only up for 
Pennsic 30, is a sound idea.  And if you don't do woodworking, what do you think about the 
design anyways?  And what about the slight change to the musicians' area?  We have had 
problems with the very edge of the area sticking out from under the roof of the tent, and I 
want to eliminate this. 

Adele Desfontaines, Floor Chair and Helium-Hand ;)

PS - There WILL be cookies.  The first people will even get dibs on TimTams. 

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